Helenekilde Badehotel
Strandvejen 25
DK-3220 Tisvildeleje


Tisvildeleje Strandhotel
Hovedgaden 75
DK-3220 Tisvildeleje


Hotel Sanders
Tordenskjoldsgade 15
DK-1055 København K


KOLPIN HOTELS, founded and owned by Alexander and Jes Kølpin is family-owned company for three generations based on a profound passion for architecture, design, dedicated and properties for creating “high-end & low key” guest experiences with the feeling of visiting a private residence signified by the warm ambiance and high personal service throughout the hotels of the group.

Our ambition is to attract employees and collaborating partners who are motivated personally and professionally in KOLPIN HOTELS, where each brand is unique yet signified by a collected ethos that pivots around the sense of details and professional integrity.

We strive for a high aesthetic standard by preserving and respecting the history of our hotel properties with an uncompromising approach to the interior design, maintenance and preservation of our buildings, that sets the stage for our renowned authentic hosting. 

KOLPIN HOTELS consists of three high end boutique hotels: Hotel Sanders in the center of Copenhagen with 53 rooms and suites as well as Helenekilde Badehotel and Tisvildeleje Strandhotel, located by the sea in Tisvildeleje, the most popular Danish fishing village only 45 min. from central Copenhagen. 

The long-term ambition is to establish Hotel Sanders internationally.

The Story

Alexander Kolpin, Owner says:

“With the background of both my parents craftsmanship as designer and architect/businessman merged with my own 40 years of experience with performing arts as well as a producing/directing, it is an ingrained passion to stage and create guest experiences rooted in storytelling with the sole aim to touch and entertain our guests. 
Hotel and theatre is very closely related since both platforms are about conveying a clear story with a personal offset ultimately touching and inspiring the guest, visitor or audience. The common denominator is to frame and tell a credible story that comes from the inside. Luxury for us is about being understated, authentic presence and engagement surrounded by an eclectic decor that creates a cohesive guest experience.